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There are times that you may wake up grumpy or on the wrong side of the bed and from that moment the day seems inevitably doomed.

I understand this, even though mornings are cool for me, I may wake up worried about something new or from the day before. Regardless of what is happening I find that doing five things habitually just sets my day up the right way.

  1. As soon as your eyes open give thanks and gratitude to wake up to a new day. It always astounds me how people can take life for granted. Showing gratitude puts a positive focus
  2. Listen to something positive and motivational, or read something uplifting or spiritual. Youtube is full of videos and audio books.
  3. Drink warm water with lemon which cleanses your body.
  4. Do 15 minutes of cardio exercise to kick-start your metabolism. This could include dancing, skipping, running, walking or any aerobic moves.
  5. Eat a nutritious well-balanced breakfast and include protein.
  6. Share positive thoughts or words with loved ones before leaving the house or if you live alone use text or social media and make somebody’s day 🙂

Lets give it a try and set ourselves and others up to have a positive day!



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