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Hi I’m April

Like everyone else, life has thrown me the odd curve ball and at these times I have experienced extreme highs and lows. I know for sure the highs have come when my attitude has been more positive and accepting of the situation.

As a woman living with Alopecia, anyone who has experienced hair loss will know it can knock your confidence so hard, especially in a society where your hair is considered part of your beauty.

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Change your mindset, change your life

I embrace my ‘bald head’ status and support women to ‘Rock their Natural Beauty with Confidence’ and to make the best of themselves in the here and now.

At age 41 years I was super heavy, unhappy, stressed and my marriage ended leaving me in despair and an emotional liability. Five years on and due to talking, stepping out of my box, getting my health back on track, investing in my well- being and accepting myself for who I am, I am LOVING me again in the present. As a result with all my experiences I stated to work with other people especially women to improve their self esteem and confidence.

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