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It takes some guts to admit that you might be an emotional eater. Spending years in denial can be stressful and time consuming as you figure out what lie, excuse or alibi to tell yourself or a third party including your own mind, why you ate the chocolate cake or drank the bottle of rose wine knowing that its is doing your body no good and can add fat to your body even if you cannot visually see it.

This is an area that  really is of interest to me and none that I will revisit again by the end of the year. I think it is important to start to recognize patterns when the emotional card shows itself and all the sin food comes out to give that temporary feeling of comfort and satisfaction against whatever has happened that week, or day or hour.

Emotional eating does not fix what is wrong and is more likely to lead us to a more depressed state making it harder focus on dealing with the problems and braking the cycle

Establishing coping mechanisms can be a step towards finding a solution to what is the bain of many lives. Here are five ideas to start with:

  1. Start to write a diary/log documenting how you are feeling and what happened that led to you eat or drink something unhealthy
  2. Before you buy something unhealthy put the money in a tin and save for something that is going to give you that ‘feel good’ factor  like a massage, new handbag or shoes or a good book.
  3. Go out for a long walk or run or head to the gym and follow by drinking a healthy protein chocolate shake
  4. Usually grabbing unhealthy foods is about bad habits and not hunger. Drink a big glass of water which will fill you up.
  5. Instead of the chocolate stash replace with healthier choices like protein bars or soya beans.

This is just the start, and I know only too well that tackling comfort eating is not easy and can be a long road to travel. The main thing is to be honest and admit there is a problem and then seeking support and solutions to repair the damage.

These are just my thoughts as I am not a Counsellor but the above methods helped me start to deal with this very serious issue.

Hope this helps 🙂





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