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My ability to remember everything I have to do has reduced somewhat and its causing some concern especially when one is multi-tasking.  Ten years ago I would not have been having these conversations with myself, or in this case my Blog trying to rationalize the frequency of my forgetful nature.  It was after coming in to some criticism about communicating information that I started to actually think about when I appeared to forget my own mind.

Here are 3 changes that may have impacted on my and maybe forgetfulness:

  1. Too Busy – Where you are doing so much that you mind cannot keep up with all the information
  2. Stress – Due to being so busy creates stressful feelings affecting confidence and self-esteem
  3. Anxiety – When numbers 1 and 2 kicks in pangs of anxiety becomes the norm.

While speaking to other mum’s who juggle work and parenting it appears I am not on my own in the general forgetful brigade. Gone are the days where we can just describe as forgetfulness as an issue for the Aged community where it is expected.

I am thankful for my mobile phone which prompts me to action tasks through the diary or alarm, also wonder what I would do without them! Lists have also become my friend on recommendation from another ‘Busy Mummy’ aiming to get all her ducks in a row.

My philosophy now is to adhere to the following:

  1. Embrace the technology I have to manage my busy daily schedule
  2. Stop thinking I am less than just because I may forget one or two things!
  3. Pat myself on the back for managing  such a busy life and maintaining the ‘status quo’

I guarantee those who benefit from all you do will ‘Forget You Not’

AprilsDawn x


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