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Then & Now
We are in the third month of the year and I am now thinking summer is just around the corner. I admit that it has taken some effort to motivate myself in the fitness area this year. Not sure why really, although I have damaged my knee, but Garfield one of the TeamEsteem Personal Trainers reminded me that I can use the chair and still achieve great results.
I have no ambition to have a six-pack or share photos of my new super-slim body, but I do want to feel healthy and fabulous as I approach my 49th birthday.
The profile image above reminds me of the place I don’t want to return to EVER! So for the next 90 Days I will consistently stick to the following simple regime to achieve my real results as I did before in the profile picture:
  1. Drink 750ml of water (8.2ph or above if possible) on waking up
  2. Breakfast – F1 Gluten Free Protein Smoothie
  3. 2 protein rich snacks per day (mid morning and mid afternoon)
  4. Colourful vegetable supper with protein
  5. Minimum of 30 mins of fitness 3 days per week
If you want to join me on this journey click here to get started! …. TeamEsteem
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